The Tapestry – ‘We Talk’

Whilst Mancunians love a good party, there’s one thing they love more; the bands that get the party started. From Manicured Noise through to swinging flowers with The Smiths to the golden years of the Mondays and the Roses and to the present with The Watchmakers, if you make this city dance, we will love you for it.

And so we come to the The Tapestry, a stylish girl-boy disco wrecking combo. There’s whacking great terrace singalongs, perfect for radio play and enough joyous euphoria to get you past the witching hour. This is a pop band for an era which has forgotten what pop music could be.

look at these cool bastards

Their new single is ‘We Talk’ which takes their trademark herky-jerky angular grooves and welds it to another prime selection from their big box of chorus’. Once again The Tapestry most recall The Fire Engines (if that fine Scottish band had got their shit together). The drums are skin-tight, the bass gets under your skin and the guitar a dazzling, fizzing power line. A dizzying blockbuster to fill the airwaves. Every club in the land should be playing this on every Friday night…

The sound of summer 2016 has arrived…

Click to watch the video

‘We Talk’ is available for FREE by signing up to the mailing list at



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