If You Like… You’ll Love Flange Circus, with Flange Circus

Our new feature, If You Like… simply provides a list of stuff. If you like that stuff, the chances are you’ll love the featured band. Today we’re looking at Flange Circus and were honoured to have input from Flange Circus themselves.

If You Like… You’ll Love Flange Circus by Flange Circus

Post-Sputnik era Soviet brutalist architecture and derelict bus stops in Kazakhstan

The film Arcadia

The sound of a Long Eared Owl at night

Abandoned and decaying boats in a field, miles from water

Hieronymus Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights


The Wendigo by Algernon Blackwood

The Tupolev Tu-95

If You Like… You’ll Love Flange Circus, independently scribbled by colourhorizon

Kraftwerk but wish it was more bass-y

Masks of raven heads

Spooky countryside shit

Demilitarised Russian vehicles

Proper old school synths

The Radiophonic Workshop (see also The Heartwood Institute)

Horror soundtracks but wish you could dance to them

Poetry set to music

… well that was a few things to mull over If you like most of that stuff, you’ll love Flange CIrcus!


Oh one more… if you like this album art…

…which makes colourhorizon think of John Mills, not sure why.

Flange Circus have a great back catalogue… buy it all!

Read reviews of Abandoned Glow, Ekranoplan, Overexposed and Live At Retro Bar

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