This Other Kingdom – Telescopic (2015)

The end will come to your narcissistic fun…

This Other Kingdom are true psychedelic rock; the formation of huge, tectonic songs that could fill arena’s with a poisonous outpouring of sounds to grease your body and corrupt your soul.

Imagine the Doors influenced psych of The Black Angels, stir in the wind-swept romance of the Bunnymen and top with the driving power of a sexed up Mugstar.

Del Kerton’s voice is that of a barrel chested captain of a creaking galleon; bellowing orders to his crew of swarthy but loyal Jack Tar’s. It would make Nick Cave green with envy. It would make Lux Interior weep. It’s as strong and soulful as Mark Burgess and as cutting as Ian McCulloch. It’s influenced by post-punk but isn’t another clichéd misery guts.

Declan Dunne’s guitar is a steel superstructure illuminated by lasers split a thousand-fold.

The rhythm section from Chris Sweeney and Fran Mulholland is a deafening thunder-rumble, a herd of raging elephants pouring down a mountainside, veins popping.


‘The Day, Your Day’ launches us into This Other Kingdom. An unholy cavalcade of righteous guitars that hits like The MC5 stirring up a war with Black Rebel Motorcycle. As hard as it is groovy. ‘Your day will come’ croons Del, inviting us inside, just as Ian Curtis once beckoned us into Closer. Give it three listens and you will be singing along and annoying your neighbours…

‘Enthral’ turns from slinky Lumerians-esque space-funk to a combat rock of amassing warships.

‘He Controls The Sea’ is a slab of motorik inflected post-punk. Dramatic and swaying, as potent as it is contained. Faintly reminiscent of White Lies (but I happen to like To Lose My Life, so sue me).

Click to watch the video

‘Egocentric’ has a charming pop swagger that recalls The La’s and a timeless chorus that would fitted well into What Does Anything Mean? Basically.

‘Adelaide’ has a punching chorus that will smash your speakers to dust. This is what the Gallagher’s spent years trying to do after (What’s The Story) Morning Glory? and generally making a dog’s dinner out of it.

‘Fine Line’ has a ringing guitar that recalls Puressence’s ‘Our Number’s Oracle’.

‘Rewind//Refind’ is pure post-punk album closer with a long deadly uncoiling of drums and screaming guitar with one last deafening holler from Mr Kerton.

This Other Kingdom could be huge. Mark these words, friends…

Set sail for a place where the days are long and the adventures are longer… Set sail for This Other Kingdom

Scope out Telescopic on bandcamp


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