Interview – Hey Bulldog

Hey Bulldog, the saviours of Mancunian rock ‘n’ roll are causing a stir with their rough and tumble sound and cavaliering live show…

colourhorizon was lucky enough to catch up with the band…

Hey Bulldog! Where are you from and where are you going?

We’re a Psychedelic Blues Rock three-piece from Manchester… Rob is originally from Stockport, I’m from Kent, and Ben’s from Wigan, We’ve been playing together for almost three years now and have had some great support slots and played a couple of festivals, we’ve played a lot locally working our way around Manchester, as well as spreading our wings to other Cities and venues from London to Liverpool.

Currently our new single ‘Under my spell’ has just come out, it’s had a great response so far being the Xposure Hot One on Radio X and making the shortlist for Amazing Radio playlist, it’s good to see that with each release it is getting us more and more attention.

We’d like to get onto the bigger festival scene next year, play a few more of those and see where that takes us… European tour… breaking America…

Hey Bulldog! When’s the album?

We would love to do an album, at the moment we’re still very much an independent DIY band, with some Management or Label support in place in the future it would make releasing an album a lot more achievable for us.

We have some new songs that we’d like to get down, and we’re always creating so their will definitely be more releases in the near future, whether it’s an album or not we’ll have to see.

Hey Bulldog- Pic By Trust A Fox Photography

Hey Bulldog! Describe your music!

Our music has been likened to Jimi Hendrix, The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Led Zeppelin among others however I would describe us as a bluesy psychedelic garage band. There may only be three of us but we make a lot of raw noise with melodic undertones and heavy riffs. We like our songs to have drive and energy, and we try to show that in our performance when we play live. We are constantly evolving though so this time next year you never know what we will have developed into…

Hey Bulldog! What makes you dance?

A lot of things make me dance, I am not afraid to bust a move out every now and again. The Libertines always get me bouncing off the ceiling, Arcade Fire too.

Hey Bulldog! Rob’s boots are way cool!

Yes Rob’s shoes are amazing… however Ben has some lovely suede desert boots, and myself [Matt], some classic brown pointy brogues… We have to take it in turns wearing our posh shoes, but Rob always seems to win…

Hey Bulldog are coming to tear you apart…

Watch Hey Bulldog at The Eagle Inn


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