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The Tapestry – ‘We Talk’

Whilst Mancunians love a good party, there’s one thing they love more; the bands that get the party started. From Manicured Noise through to swinging flowers with The Smiths to the golden years of the Mondays and the Roses and to the present with The Watchmakers, if you make this city dance, we will love you for it.

And so we come to the The Tapestry, a stylish girl-boy disco wrecking combo. There’s whacking great terrace singalongs, perfect for radio play and enough joyous euphoria to get you past the witching hour. This is a pop band for an era which has forgotten what pop music could be.

look at these cool bastards

Their new single is ‘We Talk’ which takes their trademark herky-jerky angular grooves and welds it to another prime selection from their big box of chorus’. Once again The Tapestry most recall The Fire Engines (if that fine Scottish band had got their shit together). The drums are skin-tight, the bass gets under your skin and the guitar a dazzling, fizzing power line. A dizzying blockbuster to fill the airwaves. Every club in the land should be playing this on every Friday night…

The sound of summer 2016 has arrived…

Click to watch the video

‘We Talk’ is available for FREE by signing up to the mailing list at http://www.tapestryband.co.uk


Interview – Hey Bulldog

Hey Bulldog, the saviours of Mancunian rock ‘n’ roll are causing a stir with their rough and tumble sound and cavaliering live show…

colourhorizon was lucky enough to catch up with the band…

Hey Bulldog! Where are you from and where are you going?

We’re a Psychedelic Blues Rock three-piece from Manchester… Rob is originally from Stockport, I’m from Kent, and Ben’s from Wigan, We’ve been playing together for almost three years now and have had some great support slots and played a couple of festivals, we’ve played a lot locally working our way around Manchester, as well as spreading our wings to other Cities and venues from London to Liverpool.

Currently our new single ‘Under my spell’ has just come out, it’s had a great response so far being the Xposure Hot One on Radio X and making the shortlist for Amazing Radio playlist, it’s good to see that with each release it is getting us more and more attention.

We’d like to get onto the bigger festival scene next year, play a few more of those and see where that takes us… European tour… breaking America…

Hey Bulldog! When’s the album?

We would love to do an album, at the moment we’re still very much an independent DIY band, with some Management or Label support in place in the future it would make releasing an album a lot more achievable for us.

We have some new songs that we’d like to get down, and we’re always creating so their will definitely be more releases in the near future, whether it’s an album or not we’ll have to see.

Hey Bulldog- Pic By Trust A Fox Photography

Hey Bulldog! Describe your music!

Our music has been likened to Jimi Hendrix, The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Led Zeppelin among others however I would describe us as a bluesy psychedelic garage band. There may only be three of us but we make a lot of raw noise with melodic undertones and heavy riffs. We like our songs to have drive and energy, and we try to show that in our performance when we play live. We are constantly evolving though so this time next year you never know what we will have developed into…

Hey Bulldog! What makes you dance?

A lot of things make me dance, I am not afraid to bust a move out every now and again. The Libertines always get me bouncing off the ceiling, Arcade Fire too.

Hey Bulldog! Rob’s boots are way cool!

Yes Rob’s shoes are amazing… however Ben has some lovely suede desert boots, and myself [Matt], some classic brown pointy brogues… We have to take it in turns wearing our posh shoes, but Rob always seems to win…

Hey Bulldog are coming to tear you apart…

Watch Hey Bulldog at The Eagle Inn


Live – Flange Circus at Retro Bar 02-12-2015

I guess it must be an unwritten rule that if 75% of a band is playing synths then all its members must be colour coordinated. Flange Circus were certainly following this rule, the Manchester four piece clad entirely in black as they made their live debut at Retro Bar, one of those pubs which plays metal to discourage punters.

My previous quibble with Flange Circus two released EPs (Ekranoplan and Overexposed) is that while careering from genre to genre shows considerable skill, it was hard to identify the band with its own unique identity. Pleasingly, the live set they performed has remedied this by focusing on a curious, bracing mash-up of prog / post-rock atmospherics and style with 90s dance music.

The accent on dance music is not groove based, but supplied by perpetually surging electronica, continually zipping forward like the neon bike thingies in Tron. The drum machine beats add a layer of robotic action; crisp and loud they added a Chemical Brothers barrage. When the band dipped their toes into space-rock territory the guitar and bass clipped along smoothly.

One highlight was ‘Leopardskin In Miniature’ which sounded like what might happen if Teeth Of The Sea provided the theme tune to a 1980s game show. ‘Fabric Lughole Systems’ was all spiking third rail power and closer ‘Gnu Fantasy’ brought the set to a striding end.

This would all sound great in Sound Control guys… just saying…

Click to watch ‘Fabric Lughole Systems’


Hey Bulldog – Under My Spell (single)

If The Black Keys and Black Rebel Motorcycle were ever to get in on (like we all know they want to) the unnatural child of such a painful back-alley screw may well be Hey Bulldog.

This is a band to make you dance, make you sing and have naughty thoughts. The saviours of Mancunian rock ‘n’ roll, they have the potential to make the earth move and crumble beneath your feet. They’re damnably stylish to boot.

Their latest single is ‘Under My Spell’, out on November 27th on Blak Hand Records (Bandcamp link).

hey bulldog

A furious spiking of adrenaline-rush guitars. It’s all very Jim Jones Revue scrapping with The Adverts. The guitars just keep going and building, getting higher and increasingly feverish. Bad sex, cheap thrills, happy days. A synapse-burning ride through rock ‘n’ roll’s past, present and future…

An arcing trail of bass and drums shoots skyward, followed by billowing effects laden guitars. Rob’s high pitched vocals are slathered on top like bolognese sauce. A sleazeball boogie in downtown Detroit turning sour.

When’s the album, boys?

Watch their entire set at The Eagle

Hey Bulldog live at The Eagle Inn

Amidst the smoking ruin of our sanities lay the force that brought us to our knees: Hey Bulldog.

It all started so innocently: they were part of the set for Astral Elevator 8, Manchester’s best psych night and warmest welcome. The location was The Eagle Inn, backstreet olde-worlde boozer down a Salford back-street. An odd location for a tornado. Just three men on stage, so far, so innocuous. But then the music started and all hell descended.

Hey Bulldog play an aggressive, yet slinky form of guitar attack. Here and there, thoughts of bands from Gang Of Four to Dead Kennedys to BRMC sprung up and from the contemporary scene, Two Skies. This was pure physical energy, music to corrode your bones and make you dance. An irresistible force.

hey bulldog 11-11-2015
Frontman Rob, Cuban heeled swagger-jet* and deadly riff dealer is our rock star hero. Riffs fly like lashes of a burning whip. Everything sounds cosmic, incendiary, unstoppable and euphoric. The crowd braces itself against the mighty onslaught of sounds, clinging on at the roots trying not to be blown away, like a dandelion in a gale. This, friends, this is everything that rock music could have been.

hey bulldog drums 11-11-2015
Drummer Ben, reigning and furious like a speed-freak octopus is a blur of arms, shifting out of the capacity of the human eye. Whether it’s holding a rock steady groove or bursting into expansive, showman style acts of legerdemain he’s a Tasmanian devil on a leash. If the other two walked off stage for a ciggy, you’d be perfectly happy to just stand and watch this dude drum.

hey bulldog bass 11-11-2015

The bass, provided by Matt, was a series of calculated gut-punches, reminiscent of Steve Hanley at his peak. Other bass players are buried deep in the sound, with just three guys there is nowhere to hide and Matt steps up to the mantle with a swashbuckling display that proved that bass is what separates us from the animals.

Everyone survived, just.

If Hey Bulldog are coming your way, risk your neck and head into the danger zone…

Witness the eye of the storm by clicking here.

*They may not have been cuban heels…

Introducing… LIINES

LIINES are the Manchester’s newest post-punk band. What is it about this city and post-punk? They go together like hand and glove (the sun shines out of our behinds, apparently…)

Here they are in a Kevin Cummins-y type shot (It’s a well-known fact that at any point of the day, under a bridge in Manchester, a band is having its photo taken). LIINES are: Zoe on guitar and vocals, Steph on bass and Leila on drums. Three more upstanding members of the community you could not wish to meet…


They have the scratchy sounds and tatty Manc back street aesthetic of The Fall, let’s say, Slates era. Shades of Manicured Noise too, and if you really have to look outside Manchester, Gang Of Four and maybe even X-Ray Spex. There’s plenty of garage mixed in there too and Zoe’s voice is warm and controlling, reminiscent of Lesley Woods from The Au Pairs.

LIINES love playing live, standing too close to their speakers and enjoying a cheeky swig of whisky. They want to tour and see the world. They are working on their debut album, due next year. They want to inspire more women to start bands. They dig mascots and rituals.

They launch their debut single, ‘Never There’ on the 23rd November. It’s a mixof Sonic Youth’s ‘Silver Rocket’ and a Quentin Blake illustration of a wet, angry tomcat. The bass is particular impressive, rolling and attacking, piercing like a malicious jet black crab digging its claws into your ankle.

Hell, this is all Sonic Youth, the grubby fingerprints of Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon are all over this sucker. Yet as there are only 3 of them the sound is tighter and more focused. Fuse in the angling towards a catchy hook and a glimpse of The Buzzcocks becomes fleetingly apparent, at the ‘Autonomy’ end of the show.

Meanwhile, over on soundcloud, ‘Part Of You’ impresses with its herky-jerky romance and corrupted disco groove. ‘Cold’ burns slowly before guitars lay lasers.

LIINES will be having a party to celebrate the launch of ‘Never There’ at Night & Day Cafe on the 21st November… you are cordially invited…


Watch ‘Never There’ live at The Castle


Dead Sea Apes – Spectral Domain (2015)

Over their last two albums, Dead Sea Apes have journeyed from the icy wastes of Lupus to the  rigidity of Higher Evolutionary. There is a path which leads to track 6 on the latter, ‘Regolith’ in which Dead Sea Apes finally submit to groove. The emergence of heavier, solid sounds and the shoring up of the rhythm section makes for a satisfying ‘story arc’ that I previously compared to the changing of styles from Ridley Scott’s Alien to James Cameron’s Aliens. It has been with interest that I have awaited the next release to see where the story would head next. From arty horror to bristling vitality… What next?

dead sea apes

‘Universal Interrogator’ slips off with clattering drums – the beat to quarters of a warship ready for battle. Ominous and potent, the sense of oncoming dread is palpable. The rhythm section of Nick Harris and Chris Hardman has travelled far, where they once sketched desolation on Lupus they now pitch the broiling waves of a relentless tempest. Action descends as Brett Savage’s guitar offers chaos and occasional flashes of cannon fire.

‘True Believers’ slows the pace after the battering opener, but does have slithering, venomous guitars. Bass is insisting, drums ghostly. Throwing the spotlight on Brett, the song has a ritualistic, ceremonial feel.

‘The Unclosing Eye’ brings us back to the rough and tumble where the album began; swashbuckling drums and jaunty guitar.

‘Brought To Life’ buzzes with horror, closer to previous evil Dead Sea Apes vibes. Industrial estates, serial killers, gaffer tape.

Maybe the biggest surprise comes last with ‘Sixth Side Of The Pentagon’ as Nick’s bass ventures near to dub and Chris’ drums follow suit. The track is oddly reminiscent of Alternative TVs ‘Love Lies Limp’. Brett uses an Arturia Microbrute on this track for a further spreading of the wings. A death rattle sounds here and there as disaster looms. Dead Sea Apes, they’re from Stalybridge and they’re irie, man. Apparently.

Instead of taking us to Alien 3, Dead Sea Apes have instead opted for Nordic noir, yet remain alive to the opportunity of high adventure where the mist breeds monsters…

Listen (and buy!) here… https://deadseaapes.bandcamp.com/album/spectral-domain