Live – Flange Circus at Retro Bar 02-12-2015

I guess it must be an unwritten rule that if 75% of a band is playing synths then all its members must be colour coordinated. Flange Circus were certainly following this rule, the Manchester four piece clad entirely in black as they made their live debut at Retro Bar, one of those pubs which plays metal to discourage punters.

My previous quibble with Flange Circus two released EPs (Ekranoplan and Overexposed) is that while careering from genre to genre shows considerable skill, it was hard to identify the band with its own unique identity. Pleasingly, the live set they performed has remedied this by focusing on a curious, bracing mash-up of prog / post-rock atmospherics and style with 90s dance music.

The accent on dance music is not groove based, but supplied by perpetually surging electronica, continually zipping forward like the neon bike thingies in Tron. The drum machine beats add a layer of robotic action; crisp and loud they added a Chemical Brothers barrage. When the band dipped their toes into space-rock territory the guitar and bass clipped along smoothly.

One highlight was ‘Leopardskin In Miniature’ which sounded like what might happen if Teeth Of The Sea provided the theme tune to a 1980s game show. ‘Fabric Lughole Systems’ was all spiking third rail power and closer ‘Gnu Fantasy’ brought the set to a striding end.

This would all sound great in Sound Control guys… just saying…

Click to watch ‘Fabric Lughole Systems’


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