Control Of The Going – Wildflower (single – 2015)

Ashton shoegazers are Manchester’s latest addition to the psych new age. A 6 strong band of preciously young lads (these lad’s probably don’t remember when the England team where capable of the giddy heights of a World Cup Quarter Final) merging psych and post punk. They’re fresh on the scene and their second single is called ‘Wild Flower’.

cover - Control

‘Wild Flower’ (click to listen) leads with a sharp, icy guitar lead while another drops in a casual BJM riff. Liam Hart’s post punk baritone drops in, gloomy but in an almost playful and self mocking way. He’s probably closer to Julian Cope than Ian Curtis.

B side ‘In Line’ offers frisky drums that almost overpower the song, but Liam’s voice keeps things in focus.

Quaintly, the 3rd song is an instrumental version of ‘Wild Flower’, which takes you back to the age of cassettes in cardboard cases.

Control Of The Going casually remind me of the Russian band Motorama who blend a chilly post Joy Division Factory Records sound with a smooth motorik flow.

Control Of The Going’s songs are quite subtle and reveal their intricacies after repeated listens. Sounding more composed, focused and confident than on their debut single it will be interesting to see where Control Of The Going go next.


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