Sleaford Mods – Key Markets (2015)

It’s OK, I know you don’t want to like Sleaford Mods. But be brave and it’ll all be alright, trust me.

Zeitgeist agitators Sleaford Mods are let’s face it, pretty big at the moment, surrounded by buzz like grease covers the contents of a KFC Mighty Bucket for One. Expectation is high for the new album, Key Markets and they have a whacking great tour to promote it. But to those who see them as one on the same level of sophistication as something they show on ITV3, let me explain.

cover sleaford

Vocalist Jason Williamson is simply the most magnetic spleen-ventor this country has spat out in decades. He may not want the comparison, but he is Rotten and Strummer for a new generation and a new set of problems. Every quip, every swear word, every barb at inane culture is a slap in the face of every right-on bearded hipster gobshite and every Daily Mail reading, tennis watching, dead-from-the-neck-up vermin. Like it or not these songs are born from the same lineage as ‘Anarchy in the UK’, ‘Beasley Street’ and ‘Bingo-Master’s breakout’.

The stage presence of Andrew Fearn must stick in the throat of many. He hits play on the laptop, swigs Red Stripe and nods his head. It bemused me at first. What he is in fact doing though, is harpooning the mass ranks of musicians who pour over their software, twiddling knobs and looking pensive; apparently stressed and under the cosh. Fearn embodies the basic aspiration of the British male: do the bare minimum then knock off early for a couple of jars. Our entire mentality defined.

Lead single ‘Tarantula Deadly Cargo’ is damn near melodic and even closer to playfully whimsical. It’s as accessible as they will probably ever get in their own rough diamond way, with repeated phrases concerning “European poo’s” taking the place of 3 minutes of bile.

Click to watch the video, you can dance to it and features ice cream.

Similarly ‘Silly Me’ has a chorus sung by Williamson in what appears to be an attempt to make the new album a little more palatable for newcomers and ‘No One’s Bothered’ has a certain Gang Of Four quality. ‘Arabia’ has a slow, gothy bass has a Siousxie & The Banshee’s vibe to it.

Once again, Williamson lays into the country’s vast array of cunts, pricks and tit-cakes. You name ’em they’re skewered. You and me are probably on that list too. Just 3 pointed examples are:

On posing rock stars: “You’re not Snake fucking Plissken… you bleak little worm trying to suck the juice out of a tuna tin”.

On our Tory overlords: “Boris on a bike, quick, knock the cunt over… Lords of the acre, owners and fucking pisstakers”.

On Marketing: “Victoria’s not very good secret – they’re knickers, mate”.

Whether it’s ‘Austerity’ legitimising class warfare or the kind of tossers who put the word ‘artisan’ in front of ‘bacon sandwich’ to charge you an extra fiver, Sleaford Mods are the only band so venomously kicking against the pricks.

This country needs Sleaford Mods.

“Am I being unintelligent? I don’t care. It’s war you bastards”


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