Fonez – Adhesivo De Contacto Espacial EP (2014)

Coming from a working class background my mentality is that if there is something going for free, get it, no matter what it is. However, there is more than being totally free that recommends  this belting EP by Fonez, hailing from Cordoba in Argentina.


‘Nola’ is New Order all the way from the deep rumbling bass to toothpick guitar and precision drums. It all comes together to suggest what could have happened if New Order’s album Republic was any good. It’s a stunning, glorious start to the record.

‘Pseudofedrina’ has lilting guitars and chirping Inspiral Carpets-esque keyboards.

From this point the album settles down into motorik territory. ‘Inhalar’ and ‘Tosco’ are pure Neu! with glacial bass glide and shards of low-key guitar.

‘Super Eko’ has a simple, child-like electronic melody and sunshine temperament that is reminiscent of the Super Furry Animals.

Click to listen to the EP and get a copy. It’s free… you can’t not get a copy.


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