The Tapestry – Infatuation (single, 2015)

Tameside’s The Tapestry are a band going places, with irresistible songs, an energetic live show and lots of humour, they are firmly in the ascendency.

Essentially, The Tapestry are the band that Manicured Noise could have been. Or what Gang Of Four wanted to be when they tried to be more commercial. You can also hear Talking Heads, the shouty chorus’ of The B-52s, the sharp edges of The Fire Engines and a hint of the feral attitude of The Slits. Ultimately you could say that if you wished Franz Ferdinand were a little less embarrassing than here is your solution. All of this is to say they have a post punk sound to get you moving your feet.

Their newest single is called ‘Infatuation’. Guitars wail like sirens, splattered like Jackson Pollock colours, a glorious electricity attack, pure sugar rush. A buzzing introduction to the party rocking sound of this band. Meanwhile, the B side, ‘Look Out’ is the result of too many E numbers; fizzy guitars and some of the most gleefully hyperactive vocals you’ve heard in years.

Watch the video for ‘Infatuation’

If you don’t want to spend under £2 on these two songs you could save money by sticking your fingers in the nearest plug socket. Personally I’d consider this the better option.

Click to watch ‘We Talk’ live at the Roadhouse


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