Brahma-Loka Live At The Roadhouse 21.05.2015

That guy’s a monster. The drummer I mean. Last time Britain saw power like that it fuelled the Industrial Revolution. Whatever Faustian pact Lee Broadbent signed, it worked, he’s one of the best drummers on the psych scene*. It isn’t so much of a beat as a fully functioning steelworks. When combined with the elemental Joshua Leach on bass the resulting effect is an incoming tide comprising caramel and rusty nails.

IMG_0876 copy

Hot fluid pours from three guitarists. Three minds (Paddy Neville, Will Owen & Dan Green) forming the Brahma Loka collective id in a conflict of teamwork and flair. The sound is akin to Sonic Youth and Television; guitars that probe as much as attack. A swarm of obsidian tinted wasps descend when these boys play.

IMG_0876 copy 2

Mossley’s Brahma Loka were supporting Tapestry at the soon to be defunct Roadhouse and damn near demolished the place early. Veering from seductive rock to make you wanna fuck ‘n’ fight to a near post rock totality, this is a band as tight as skin.

Highlights included the rumbling Soul Reaper (click to watch the live vid courtesy mancmusic) and the beguiling ‘Key Of It All’ (click to listen).

Most fascinating is which direction Brahma-Loka will take. When they drop an album it could be full of sharp 4 minute rockers or long, intense adventures. Hell, down the line these guys could bring in a horn section and make that work. Acoustic? Yeah they’d nail that too…

Manchester’s newest dynamite delivery service must be witnessed.

*Luke from The Lucid Dream and Loz from Three Dimensional Tanx being the main competition, folks.



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