The Blackrays live at Fallow Cafe 29.05.2015

Blackrays must be one of two things. Are they the enveloping absence of light? Or the sleek, stinging creatures of the deep? The puzzle continues…

Playing only their third gig last night at the rather nice Fallow Cafe, The Blackrays put on a dazzling, intense show…

The closest comparison is with the brutal sawdust twang of The Janitors but extra trippy and with a dash of urban voodoo. There is plenty of noise but backed by a rock solid groove, ensuring that both your brain and your feet have plenty to do.


Oliver Harrap (of Two Skies fame) provides drums tribal and crisp, occasionally drifting into the bone dry reverie of Steve Morris on ‘Atmosphere’. Elfin trickster David Mapson Jnr (of Dave Mapson fame) is on guitars: wailing like furious banshees in a Mid-West horror movie. Rounding out the quartet is J.P. Allison (of The Blackrays fame) on bass: tentacles of granite, scuttling fury and righteous post punk undertow…

The elusive, mysterious Rhys Bloodjoy (of Rhys Bloodjoy fame when his solo material is released) continues to weave his shamanic way through psych. Hooded and mainly incomprehensible, his aura of authority alone brings much to the band, let alone his twitching, cosmic delivery. Only a smattering of psych bands have a frontman: one man with a mic. Having Rhys saunter on stage through the first song bought a Mark E Smith control to proceedings. When he gets into full flow he brings an Ian Curtis sense of automatic speech, lost in the music and dragging the crowd with him.


The highlight of the set was ‘Here They Come’ which sounded like Joy Division covering ‘I Wanna Be Your Dog’ but with swirling peppermint chemtrails and extra velociraptors. It’s also the forthcoming single so keep your eyes skinned for that one.

Catch psych’s newest supergroup…

In the meantime watch the video for ‘Endless’ 


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