The Sun’s Evil Twin – Mysterious Transmission (2016)

While the name The Sun’s Evil Twin suggests expansive space jams, in reality this band offers short, juicy hits of sharp psych.

suns evil twin

The EP Mysterious Transmissions start with ‘A Little Bit Slower Now’, spewing fuzzy rumblings of rambunctious young men. A Warlocks stomp meets the licks of early Janitors, dark hues lightened by lad rock swagger.

‘The Third Eye’ offers a beefy selection of zoned out guitars to make a shuffling number that occasionally shoots out a spiralling solo or two. Reminiscent of Dead Horse One’s EP Heavenly Choir Of Jet Engines and that band’s knack for knocking out accessible psych.

‘Breathless’ offers boogie bass, surf licks and a spoken word vocal. Cruising along BJM style for a mere 2 minutes, other bands would have dragged this out for a good 9 more. A good song for a montage of teens dancing in a field at an overpriced music festival.

‘Mysterious Transmission’ starts with some indulgent noise before kicking into another crunchy, insistent riff.

There’s a real directness at work here, not so far removed from BRMC, or dare I say it, Oasis. This is hearty rock ‘n’ roll tinged with a taste for the noxious and an eye on a good night out. Or, maybe it’s a baby Hawkwind having just discovered ciggies.

Ok, The Sun’s Evil Twin are never going to win awards for originality. But on the evidence of this EP, they’re cooking nicely. A brisk record that won’t change the world but offers a refreshing shot of something tasty.


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