L.A. Witch – Drive Your Car (single, 2016)

L.A. Witch are three unknowable LA punks who can probably melt tarmac with their withering glares.

This is music so implanted in the garage these girls are probably playing on the roof of an estate wagon.

‘Drive Your Car’ is a single to tease us about their upcoming album so let’s take a look at it…

LA Witch

‘Drive Your Car’ is a barbed-wire, Sonic Youth twist of guitars ~ ‘Catholic Block’ with a West Coast style ~ middle finger raised. A drawling, spaced out vocal is slathered on top, ambivalent to listeners. A Raveonettes-esque guitar solo adds to the dirty fun. The tone is fuzzy and the sneer is sexy.

‘Ain’t Coming Home’ tries for somethin’ softer, slower with ragged edges. Surf covered in junk. Lo-fi sun-bleached psych with lugubrious bass, not so removed from the shoegaze chanteuse herself, Tess Parks.

This is music with a Johnny Thunders snot nosed sneer. This is music with a Blondie pout. This is music with a Kim Gordon grunt.

L.A. Witch are heading out on a rock-off tour, luckily for us they’re stopping off in Manchester for play Fallow Cafe on November 21st! If they’re coming to you here’s why you should go see them!

http://lawitches.bandcamp.com & https://www.facebook.com/lawitches


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