Three Dimensional Tanx – ‘Son Of Go’

Three Dimensional Tanx shatter the third wall, as well as eardrums, with their new single, ‘Son Of Go’ which provides us a with a sequel to the blood vessel bursting single ‘I Am Go’ from a couple of years ago. Providing a sense of unity through their work this new song carries on their trademark garage-punk whirlwind as we approach the release of their second album, Attack.

‘Son Of Go’ sees shards of fuzzy guitar clutter our worldview, it’s knees up time. It’s a riff familiar from The Fall in their rockabilly days, let’s say ‘Cruisers Creek’ -ish. Fairground organ parps as hands clap. And then just as you’re getting into the swing of things it’s over. At under 2 minutes this reinforces the band Wire-esque brevity, jutting roughly against the psych longueurs of five-minute intros. ‘Son Of Go’ comes from the corner of the ring throwing punches.

Frontman Spacey hollers and whispers, all breathy performance as usual. He sings of “2-25s” and “lies”, sounding ebullient and whimsical.

This is band of big sounds and big personalities… the Attack is coming in August!!

“Make it all up as you go along, baby”

Click to read an interview with the band!


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