Two Skies – When The Storm Hits EP

England expects. Englands waits, wide eyes and innocent, ready for satisfaction. England wants something big and sexy. England will crave Two Skies.

England wants what we all secretly yearn for; a huge, rambunctious band with an arena sized noise, that could take the sterile inertia of rock and make it sexy, lithe and potent. Two Skies are that band. This is band with a vast, cacophonous guitar attack but with a rhythm section that pummels, that grooves. Oliver on drums and Jamie on bass make Two Skies surge, soar skywards, never looking down.

Their live shows roars a celebration of what music can be, could be and will be.

Their new EP, When The Storm Hits is here…

two skies storm

‘When The Storm Hits’ slow and sexy, rakish ghosts swoon. Mercury guitar licks pose epic stances. The bass, a rumble of dub thunder from beyond the seas. Past two minutes we are reaching our Two Skies glory, our taste of succour and the hit of addiction. Dan’s guitar shoots energy.

‘Drone Attack DN19’ is a prime cut of punk energy meets movie soundtracks sensibility. Rhythm section races , Dan’s vocals a druggy passenger in this furious joyride. A silver-streaked guitar solo that would make Verlaine weep.

‘Arrows’ seduces with its slow bake. No one does slow lie Two Skies. Their slow is a sensual build-up, the tension palpable for the upcoming attack.

‘The Hypnotist’ blows sky high. Motorik cruise pitches a relentless broiling paranoia , a strait-jacket dance. Guitar clips, piranhas on your fingers. Chaos ensues.

Watch ‘Hypnotist’ live

Two Skies… England is waiting.

Two Skies will be playing / destroying Rising II on the 25th June. Learn more then buy your ticket for a demolition job…



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