The Monro Crush – ‘Looking For The Cure’

I can’t decide whether it’s shameful to admit to liking The Monro Crush’s single ‘ Looking For The Cure’. Here at colourhorizon we like dance music as much as the next person, just as we like a thumping chorus and a belting three minute pop song. However, The Monro Crush are so overbearingly inauthentic that every white blood cell of music snobbery that resides inside all of us fights to reject them. There is this lingering suspicion that this is what kids on buses listen to on their phones.

monro crush

‘Looking For The Cure’ is so trashily, gleefully fake it’s initially hard to stomach. From Milly May’s android vocals to the tinny drums to the processed guitar stabs. However, in this absolute deception there lies beauty in the counterfeit. The sweetness of the taste and the bright colours beguile you against your will. The vocals seduce and the guitar excites. Most of all, the sheer damn catchiness of the tune reels you in and keeps you coming back. It’s artifice is so appealing you guiltily succumb. In the end the final conclusion is that this would be perfect to soundtrack to an art-house techno-thriller, where sincerity and reality are forgotten bywords.

‘Looking For The Cure’ is the lead track of the wittily titled Rock Through A Club Window EP. In truth it’s a single. It’s so single perfect that you can imagine buying it on a cassette from Woolworths. Plus, Rock Through A Club Window is so snappy it should be an album title.

The B-sdes are ‘Been Starting Fires’ and ‘Colour Of The Night’. The former spews plastic electro, Milly May drawling a candyfloss chorus with Tetris blocks of guitar. The latter’s neon techno shines, synthetic textures of keys and drums falling.

Fakery seduces.

P.S. all this music was recorded live and analogue. Suckered!


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