Tom Hingley and Aziz Ibrahim live at The Ruby Lounge

Aziz Ibrahim

How to describe magic? This review of Aziz Ibrahim’s set with Dalbir Singh Rattan is going to be short as this reviewer simply doesn’t have the techncical capacity! Sorry about that… Ok, lets try…

Imagine two wizards. One, Aziz Ibrahim, the guitar virtuoso. Two, Dalbir Singh Rattan, tabla extraordinaire. Brought together their music was spellbinding and transcendent. With just a guitar and percussion a crowd became raptured. Music that swam through all forms of genres. Rhythm took to a cellular level. Watching these two was mesmerising, Aziz’s hands flying up and down the neck, performing tricks. Dalbir’s hands a blur. Their music was liquid and joyous. The place exploded when they covered ‘Fools Gold’, smiles breaking out all over.

Rusholme Rock is out now…

tabla jedi

Tom Hingley / The Kar-Pets

Showing off his new ‘tribute act’ The Kar-Pets, Tom Hingley got the Ruby Lounge rocking, a party at full swing, celebrating his numerous hit singles with The Inspiral Carpets.

tom hingley 2

Tom’s voice is as strong as it ever was, but the beauty of his singing is combining power with a touch of the everyman, only Tom can take ‘This is How It Feels’ and make it feel both unique and quotidian. His best showcase is surely ‘Sackville Street’ though, the way in which he inhabits the characters and brings the imagery to life before succumbing and ending up writhing on the stage floor in a grotesque approximation of urban surrender. Tom is a frontman who relishes playing live, breathing every song, understanding every nuance. More than that though is the overriding sense of fun he brings, bounding around with the energy of a teenager. Shaking the hands of the people down front he gets everyone involved. A true showman.

The band is tight and talented, clearly a bunch of young lads enjoying every moment of it. Each instrument had plenty of space, and the classic organ driven sound wasn’t overpowering.

The show was one long series of highlights but particular peaks were a venomous ‘Dragging Me Down’, a barnstorming ‘I Want You’ and a rampant, striding ‘Bitches Brew’. Everyone grooved to ‘Commercial Reign’, everyone chanted to ‘Direkting Traffik’, everyone partied to ‘Saturn 5’… twice.

The only curious thing is why this needs to be marketing as a tribute act. Come on Tom, you were in The Inspiral Carpets! You don’t need to dress the band in floral shirts and give everyone period haircuts!

The Kar-Pets are on tour right now! Check the dates on facebook here!

tom hingley 1

And to cap it all, the night started at Soup Kitchen where the best band in Manchester right now, the imperious Purple Heart Parade blasted us up, up and away…

Purple Heart Parade: Feedback To Fuck

Purple Heart Parade, Aziz Ibrahim and Tom Hingley all in one night? Manchester, so much to answer for…


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