The Death Of Pop – Locomotive (single, 2016)

Thoroughly busy, thoroughly fizzy. Thankfully the Death Of Pop’s new single ‘Locomotive’ has nothing to do with Kylie Minogue but does have a fluid rhythm that does recall our favourite brand of disappointing travel.


The bass is gloopy and not afraid to lead the way in the grand post-punk tradition. The drums are frantic, like a woodland marsupial foraging for grubs. A certain Roxy Music languor pervades the top end. Ghostly vocals enjoy shorting, snappy lyrics. Guitars glisten; sparkling tinsel on the Xmas tree. The whole song has a charming retro-futurism that suggests we’re listening to a 1973 promo for an il-fated monorail scheme in Solihull.

Having that jangly style that harks back to Orange Juice, via a Cocktail party and Phil Manzanera, ‘Locomotive’ follows an off-beat track to an interesting destination…


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