New Age Healers – Ghosts (2016)

New Age Healers are a band that can’t decide between a leather jacket and a rain coat. In reality a one man band consisting Owen Murphy, who is toeing an intriguing line between pursuing a punk-ish grab for cheap thrills and a post-punk isolation. The closest link is The Jesus & Mary Chain, but at times he appears to be navigating a Richard Hell-style dilemma as to whether rock ‘n’ roll is the enemy or the saviour.


‘Lost Your Mind’ has a light Echo & The Bunnymen riff with some zippy Gary Numan synths, then after 30 seconds kicks up a gear with preppy drums. The drawling chorus is pure 90s complete with the shoegaze-y vocals. A hodge-podge of styles but an intriguing one.

‘Ready, Aim Fire’ is a straight up cut of Jesus & Mary Chain fuzzy rock ‘n’ roll. There are ringing guitars on ‘I Want More’, tethered with downbeat bass and an electro-pop synth solo.

‘Ghosts’ rides atop of a timorous rock riff, yet Own Murphy’s vocals just sound dejected and resigned. ‘Have Some Fun’ rides a steeple chase riff and promises of cheap thrills. Despite the bone-head title, ‘A Song Called Screwing’ boasts some fine zig-zagging guitar. ‘Snow Angels’ is slow song mode BJM.

It’s not perfect, some tracks are a little too tinny in the bass / drums dept. to unleash their full effect. The guitars sound great but the other instruments offer shallow foundations. At times the album feels very much like a solo project.

Only having a 3 song preview on bandcamp feels a little stingy too, considering that the website’s main attraction is probably its try-befre-you-buy policy.

Quibble asides, New Age Healers boast piles of neat-o guitar work and a stack of cool chorus’ that warrant a place on the radar. Check it out:


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