The Tapestry live at The Deaf Institute 24.03.2016

Geez, that was crazy… The Tapestry didn’t just play a gig, they held a party. In the decorous surroundings of The Deaf Institute, The Tapestry cooked up a storm in the sweaty human-Tetris crowd. It was packed, heaving. People danced, people sang, people crowd surfed, it was good times.

taps 1

The key to the bands’ success may come down to that crowd, they have a fanbase already. Not a group of people who may or may not check ’em on tour but a gang of nuts who are on board for the ride. They’re all here; mod-dad’s in polo shirts, classic scallies in parka’s… Wanna hear colourhorizon’s theory of music success? If the fans dress like the band you’ve got a winner. Or is it a band that dresses like the fans? Either way it’s audience identification, it’s ownership and comradeship. These drunk bastards tonight’ll be following The Tapestry for years.

taps 2

The music? The ingredients have been set down: the hardest / funkiest rhythm section since Gang Of Four, live wire guitars and football terrace singalong chorus’. It’s not dance music, but it’s sure as shit music to make you dance. ‘Infatuation’, ‘Lookout’ and new single ‘We Talk’ are erupted but in truth every song is just as powerful.

The set may have been a short and snappy 30 minutes but it was a half hour to remember. The genius of the set was that it felt like an encore. It had the quality and force of a rabble rousing end to a two-hour greatest hits set. Each song hits like a missile. The set was so explosive Gerry Anderson could have marketed it as a kids show.

I’ve been saying that The Tapestry could end up playing the Apollo or The Albert Hall (with The Watchmakers ideally!) But after seeing that gig and witnessing the support they are nurturing, stuff The Albert Hall! A couple of good albums and it’s Heaton Park all the way! It’ll be swamps of Stella and piss and a few lucky people will claim to have seen the band at a small venue like The Deaf Institute. With it’s ridiculously large disco ball.

taps 3

Watch the video for ‘We Talk’


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