Introducing… LIINES

LIINES are the Manchester’s newest post-punk band. What is it about this city and post-punk? They go together like hand and glove (the sun shines out of our behinds, apparently…)

Here they are in a Kevin Cummins-y type shot (It’s a well-known fact that at any point of the day, under a bridge in Manchester, a band is having its photo taken). LIINES are: Zoe on guitar and vocals, Steph on bass and Leila on drums. Three more upstanding members of the community you could not wish to meet…


They have the scratchy sounds and tatty Manc back street aesthetic of The Fall, let’s say, Slates era. Shades of Manicured Noise too, and if you really have to look outside Manchester, Gang Of Four and maybe even X-Ray Spex. There’s plenty of garage mixed in there too and Zoe’s voice is warm and controlling, reminiscent of Lesley Woods from The Au Pairs.

LIINES love playing live, standing too close to their speakers and enjoying a cheeky swig of whisky. They want to tour and see the world. They are working on their debut album, due next year. They want to inspire more women to start bands. They dig mascots and rituals.

They launch their debut single, ‘Never There’ on the 23rd November. It’s a mixof Sonic Youth’s ‘Silver Rocket’ and a Quentin Blake illustration of a wet, angry tomcat. The bass is particular impressive, rolling and attacking, piercing like a malicious jet black crab digging its claws into your ankle.

Hell, this is all Sonic Youth, the grubby fingerprints of Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon are all over this sucker. Yet as there are only 3 of them the sound is tighter and more focused. Fuse in the angling towards a catchy hook and a glimpse of The Buzzcocks becomes fleetingly apparent, at the ‘Autonomy’ end of the show.

Meanwhile, over on soundcloud, ‘Part Of You’ impresses with its herky-jerky romance and corrupted disco groove. ‘Cold’ burns slowly before guitars lay lasers.

LIINES will be having a party to celebrate the launch of ‘Never There’ at Night & Day Cafe on the 21st November… you are cordially invited…

Watch ‘Never There’ live at The Castle

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