Rodney Cromwell – Age Of Anxiety (2015)

Care and attention. Those are the words that spring to mind with Age Of Anxiety. A loving attention to the small details and a cherishing of the small pieces that make the greater whole.

Rodney Cromwell has made an album of retro-electro that glories in the music of yesteryear yet never feels like a tired tread through dusty tropes. Age Of Anxiety is a fun, frothy album for all the family.

Colourful daubs of Kraftwerk, New Order and OMD are splattered all over the work. Amidst the broad brushstrokes however, you will find lots of small, intimate decorations.

Let’s gander at a few of the highlights:

Rodney Cromwell - Age of Anxiety (cover artwork)

‘Cassiopeia’ surges with a summer’s glory that would befit Match of The Day‘s Goal Of The Month competition.

‘Barry Was An Arms Dealer’ is a bristling slice of electro posing as the theme tune to an 80s kids show that CBBC never made.

‘You Will Struggle’ is a dry, wonky disco pondering themes of love that recalls The Passage’s Degenerates.

Long, languid closer ‘Black Dog’ comes as New Order idly knocking out shoegaze covers of The Lightning Seeds.

There is a professionalism running through Age Of Anxiety. Or, maybe slickness is a better term. Bandcamp is drowning under old-fashioned electro but hardly any of it with the poise and class found here…


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