Two Skies – Feel (single, 2015)

Q. What kind of music do Two Skies make?

A. Fucking huge music.

Now you may say that there is no need for bad language, but if you listen to the band’s new single ‘Feel’ then you will probably agree that the description is perfectly apt.

Cover two skies

Hailing from Sheffield (where Steve Davis spends two weeks a year touching cloth) Two Skies are a three-piece dealing with mountain sized riffs, tectonic groove action and towering chorus’. The most surprising thing is how three guys can make such a racket.

This new offering sees Two Skies maintain momentum following the release of ‘Stay’ earlier in the year. Shuffling drums from Oliver Harrap underpins careful vocals and lightning strike guitar. Questing and curious, this song is slightly softer than some of its predecessors but without trading in the widescreen scope that makes Two Skies special. As the song draws to a close the release is finally attained with Dan Kutt’s vocals reaching their soon to be trademark lost-in-a-sandstorm holler while the music assembles into a phalanx behind him.

B side ‘Broken Hearts’ stutters into life with a derailed motorik gait, flanked by red hot guitar injections from Dan and menacing bass stabs from Jamie Cheetham. The guitar ruptures welts, chorus oozing cracked fragility. It is on moments like this when Two Skies are reminiscent of The Chameleons; sporadic displays of protected emotion from the confused perspective of adult life.

Another excellent release from the Sheffield sonic architects. So, when’s the fucking album?

‘Feel’ is available to buy from May 11th.


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