The Watchmakers live at The Eagle Inn 24.04.2015

It’s all about ‘Stairway To Your Mind’. In a few years to come this will be a classic Manchester tune. In clubs they’ll play it sandwiched between ‘I Am The Resurrection’ and ‘She’s Electric’ and people will go nuts and engage in all kinds of Mancunian camaraderie.

Let’s back up, The Watchmakers were launching their new single ‘Kiss The Sun’ at The Eagle Inn, a pub down a pokey Salford back street. You can listen to the song here. This is the song that launched the set, with its delicious, glassy groove and euphoric chorus.

set list

The Watchmakers make dance music. How some people can stand still when they are ripping through tracks like ‘Waves’ remains a mystery. It’s Ian Maitland’s crisp, breathless drumming that surge The Watchmakers along. There’s such an immediacy to his playing it almost feels like pin pricks tingling your skin. But then you have Rich’s radiant set of chorus’, acting as focal point and catalyst for shamanic release.


Another aspect of their success is the size of their sound. If it was just potent dance music that would be great, but when the music exists in widescreen Technicolor it adds a sheen of glory to the transcendence. As awesome as it was to see them play at such a small, intimate venue, these guys need big spaces, imagine ‘Before Questions Came’ ringing around the Apollo…

The bottom line is, if The Watchmakers can put these songs into one stone cold killer record they could have an album for the ages…


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