The 66 – Storm EP (2010)

Imagine a band which combines many of your favourite bands from the North West: the La’s, The Verve, Oasis, Stone Roses… What you would want though, is a band that pays homage but with the originality and passion to offer something new and vital. Rock ‘n’ roll music that transcends the physical into something both emotional and spiritual. The 66 were such a band.

Those mysterious skyjets, The 66, glinting in the sun, detectable from their vaporous chemtrails from their flight into the unknown. Existing 2007-2011 and releasing a handful of material, let’s take a lens to the EP Storm

cover the 66 storm

Hear Storm on Bandcamp (and note the reasonable price…)

‘The Storm’ kicks up sand and pours forth from your speakers. Whirlwinds of guitar buzz, savage lines of stinging attacks. A stomping stop-start of sleaze. At just 2 minutes 22 seconds it’s short but whets your appetite for more.

‘Red God Man’ throws up the sound of rock music performed with style, guts and passion. Daubs of bluesy guitar build the chorus to a high of euphoria, Danny Rimmer singing “Red dog, dead dog, blow your fucking head off”. What works here is knowing when using a swear word in your chorus feels like a cheap trick and when it matches the emotion attained by what has gone before. It works here as the listener is left anticipating the lyrics as they emerge. The first time you hear this song you will be singing along, that, friends, is the key to a successful song.

‘Hidden Glove’ rips through you, ninja level riffage and juggernaut rhythm section. Pure rock ‘n’ roll swagger. Want a song to drink tequila and dance to? You found it. And here’s a smoking acoustic version.

The keening lament of ‘Break of Dawn’ offers psych strings painting plucked petals with blood. Strummed mariachi guitar constructs the kind of Oasis B side Noel was always striving for. Dissolving into wispy nothingness leaving an air of mystery, much like The 66 themselves.

‘Money Men’ dances from your speakers, shuffling and uplifting like a long-lost La’s track and eliciting the same sort of happiness such a discovery would create. Another snake hipped chorus, more whiplash guitar, more freewheeling abandon… An immaculate release from a band that deserve wider recognition; ahead, behind and beyond their time.  cover the 66

(The song ‘Bordello’ isn’t on the EP but here’s a live version anyway…)


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