Love, Hippies & Gangsters – Sun Over Babaluma (2015)

Sun Over Babaluma is the second EP by Love, Hippies & Gangsters (chief engineer Yiğit Bülbül).


‘This Is What We Want’ has a happy, jangling gait that conjures the sensation of the end of a happy day or the opening to a sitcom. Not that this is meant to be disparaging, this is a breezy, blissful track that could conceivably be the Super Furry Animals having a lie-in or The Brian Jonestown Massacre concentrating.

‘Through Your Mind’ is simply about huge guitars and in this respect deserve filing with Sheffield contemporaries Two Skies. A pounding motorik rhythm propels the song into life like a a truckload of TNT.  A pyrotechnic display that will have you air guitaring.

‘Qlusterfuck’ is on the make as New Order circa Waiting For The Sirens Call but with chunks of meaty krautrock and a chiptunes garnish added for flavouring. A thudding subterranean beat underpins glistening electronics that, rolling past the halfway mark could be the music that used to accompany Super Mario.

‘Got My Coat’ rounds off the EP with 80s electronica jutting into the sky. Yet there is also the fluid, dreamy bass that shifts yer perceptions of reality and blasts of guitar that all seem to be pulling this song in separate directions. Riding out in style over 6 minutes like a space ship cruising off beyond the horizons the EP ends with space rock dust cast over it.

Click to listen to ‘Got My Coat’

The strength of Sun Over Babaluma is the variety covered over just 4 songs. There is a real sense of fun at work. An assured and skilful debut.


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