Moon – Moon EP (2015)

In the end, all there is is sound

So sings Moon’s Jules on the opening track of their eponymous EP. Fitting for such a slick, expansive record. Moon are a highly accomplished band from London; both skilled and versed in the art of sound.


‘Threads (Part 1+ 2)’  starts with a hippy, dippy trail of guitars smoking languidly like Miles Davis holidaying in Paris. This opens out with space rock squalls. Underpinned with a shoegaze sensibility you are just getting to grips with the song when all of a sudden it collapses like a cowardly jellyfish with a presentation to make in front of an auditorium of sharks. Re-assembling trippy and fluid, this is a lava lamp dance of groovy shit. Finally an exploding oil refinery of guitar heroics see the song out in style.

‘Wings’ sounds like it could be a Crowded House song made from vapour trails. Guitars shimmer and glide, adding a hint of blues to the post punk sharpness.

Come and fly I’m taking her back home
To run my fingers over her heavenly
It seems this love is one that I’ve outgrown
Bodies collide on the wings of ecstasy

Nighthunters‘ is a careful unwinding of Matt and Jules’ guitars that brings to mind The Chameleons and Television. The vocals are strong but serene, like a serenade to a sleeping tiger. There is a strong nocturnal feel to this track, reminiscent of the soundtrack to Manhunter, given the title similarity, I wonder if this is deliberate (I have enquired and not at all). Stabbing guitar falls like a shaft of moonlight. This is a guitar epic all right, but a high-wire balancing act of precision. This is a style of playing rarely seen in psych these days (though The Phoenix Experiment are helping to keep this alive) and it’s poise and style is intoxicating. There is a real punch to the following lyrics:

This is their town
This is their town
Take out your gun
Take out your gun
Run rabbit run
Run rabbit run
You’re going to make those people run

Click to listen to ‘Nighthunters’

The strong vocals are one of the winning elements here, it makes them sound ambitious and focused. There is a clarity and precision to the record. The guitar playing is exquisite: careful and delicate yet robust and exploratory.

An excellent release that suggests a full length LP would be a tantalising listen…

moon band

(And while the EP is currently available for FREE… pay for it!)


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