The Lucid Dream live at The Roadhouse 14.02.15

Happy Valentine’s Day!


From the opening salvo of ‘Mona Lisa’ the Lucid Dream yet again show that they just keep improving, even when their last show suggests this to be an impossibility. The song is an epic motorik slab with a breakneck pace, giving way to swaying releases of energy. All told its a cross between Neu!, Beethoven and a nuclear sub going critical. They could have walked on stage, played this for an hour, then left and I would have been happy, such is the power of the hypnotic groove.

IMG_0406 copy

A brand new song was premiered tonight and again shows the band spreading their wings in new directions. This new song is a slow, 1950s-esque love song but spun through their trademark wall of noise sound. Captivating, I cant wait to see how this little gem grows.

The wailing, cataclysmic dub centrepiece continues to grow like a vast, tentacled underwater beast… The dub siren will burrow it’s way into your mind and rip your nervous system to pieces.

Click for melodica fun

Calling card ‘Sweet Hold On Me’ once again was the star of the show, a 10 minute epic of stellar explosions fused with a gasping rhythmic intensity. Brutal.

Click to watch ‘Sweet Hold On Me’ live

The cool thing about The Lucid Dream is that the focus is always shifting: sometimes it is all about Mark and Wayne’s guitar agony / ecstasy, sometimes it is Mike’s dub-wise bass. Tonight though the star was drummer Luke – a whirlwind of noise, an absolute hurricane. It was a masterclass.

The sequencing of their set is divine. The hour is conceived as such with each song flowing into the next and building the overall picture and momentum.

The Empire State Building of psych.


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