Flange Circus – Abandoned Glow

Four hunched, crooked men in brown cloaks and hoods dwell in a cave deep under the post-apocalyptic ruins of Bu-Ri (some call it Bu-Ree). Be they sages? Be they magi? Be they muTANTS? No one knows for certain except they have strange powers that emanate from their bulging mind-sacks. What the inhabitants do know is that the four figures have read the ancient texts, listened to the decrepit parlophones. They know of the long dead visionaries. They stand in unison and their mind-sacks throb. They can make sounds which stream from their fingers in silvery viscous webs. They shape these sounds into music. The terrified survivors of Bu-Ri listen to the music in fear. Some dance, the brave ones at least. And so, from a hovel under Bu-Ri, comes Abandoned Glow. The four hunched, crooked figures respond as one to the name they have given to the gestalt that rises when their mind-sacks hum in harmony. They are Flange Circus.

Flange Circus’ music is creepy spaces and scary realms. The Radiophonic Workshop’s dream realised / Joy Division’s dream personified.

‘Great Division’, the single which opens their inaugural full length release, gorgeous striding lines of dance music. You can practically sniff the asphalt on this divine motorik groove.

Homunculus Gardens; radiation leaks on a bottom dwelling submarine.The found sounds and swipes of hot dank air take us into the realm of the experimental.*

‘In The Pestilent Folds Of Chub 909’ is the sound of Peter Davison’s Doctor Who at a 90s rave. The drums are 808 State but the keyboards are wibbly wobbly CSO.

Lord Of The Rings drums usher in ‘Moloch By The Sea’ and all sorts of RPG soundtrack fun. We’re by the sea, the village is tranquil, but the grand wizards approach! Grand, cacophonous and resplendent. Have you got your magic potions ready? We’re going all the way back to the SNES age!

‘Dehibernation’ is what Sisters Of Mercy sound like in my head, not on the CDs. Chunky lines of guitars throw big riffs while sneaky keyboards weave their magic.

‘Kwak’; Robert Mitchum stalks the dry scrub streets in Night Of The Hunter.

In the past I have commented that Flange Circus’ free wheeling approach to genres has hindered them by not leaving a distinct impression of who the band actually is. Here though, over the course of an album it actually works in their favour. Ten songs in the same vein would get monotonous, especially the gloomier ones, but flitting from style to style keeps the album fresh and the surprises coming. What holds Abandoned Glow together as an album is Flange Circus’ masterful knowledge, appreciation, reverence and capacity for the usage of sound. Very few bands master the art of knowing both how to soundtrack and how to groove. Flange Circus have that skill, and many more.

Abandoned Glow is available to buy right now and we highly advise you do so!


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