The Death Of Pop – Don’t Bother Me (single, 2016)

Party time wasting is too much fun…

Dry, elegant and sophisticated. The Death of Pop are rather like a glass of wine red. Music wise they vibe-up somewhere between the crooning tuxedo cocktail-party swoon of Roxy Music and the wispy shoegaze ambience of (take your pic…) Slowdive.

‘Don’t Bother Me’ is an aperitif from an upcoming new album, so have a taste and see what you think!

OllieĀ has a shade of the Morrissey to his vocals and he leads ‘Don’t Bother Me’ in a weary, detached manner that playfully fires into flinty life. Jangly and acoustic guitars play around on top of a steady, deliberate rhythm section. The whole assembly has a seamless glide, a showbiz poise.

The Death of Pop feel curiously disconnected from the genres they work within; impersonal pop music that disdains the form. Is this then the death of pop music? With a glorious sigh the band moves forward…

Disconnected music for a disconnected world…


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