NO ZU – Afterlife (2016)

Pleasure, pleasure and I’m lost forever.

Dub, acid house, lycra, sweat, slap bass. This is dance music that runs the gauntlet from funk to psych to trance. Swathes of this boiling album feel like 80s rap / electro crossover, juiced up, updated and grinded out for the 21st century. With added post punk. And neon. Fuck it, Afterlife is total sensory overload. NO ZU are over-fucking-whelming.

‘Body2Body’ is hotter and sweatier than a smack addition in ‘Nam.

‘Ui Yia Uia’ is a filthy funk explosion of bump ‘n’ grind that bursts with salacious brass. The excitement builds in your chest. No one has made dance music this exciting in years, maybe decades.

‘Spirit Beat’ is Talking Heads nerd-boy jigsaw funk consumed with wolfman magic potion, drums getting us on the good foot. Bowie’s motorik phase grooves with J. Brown.

‘Raw Vision’ sounds like a mucky suburban gangbang between Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five, A Certain Ratio and The Italian Job‘s ‘Self Preservation Society’. There’s huge acid keys, a thumping chorus, robo vocals, sultry shaman vocals, reams of percussion. Heady music for the body.

‘XXX (Outback Latex)’ is somewhere between morse code, dub and New Order’s Technique. It’s an ear-worming little bastard…

‘Zeus Zam’ makes you imagine that the long forgotten Manicured Noise had made it big and played Wembley.

Yes. Yes. Yes! Get it on! Turn it up!

Music for your pleasure.


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