The Importance Of Cross Country Running

The Maitlands are brewing sweaty, full bodied guitar tunes that embody Northern guitar music. Colourhorizon caught up with ol’ school chum and Maitlands front man Carl Ingram to ask a few pointed, chummy questions about the band…

Colourhorizon: Who are you, exactly?

Carl Ingram: Carl Ingram of The Maitlands fame.

Tell us about the members of The Maitlands…

There are 4 of them, not including myself; Huw, Jonty, Martin & Ste and they are generally a good bunch. We get the job done.

How did you recruit the band?

I was going for an audition to join another band. The car never turned up. I knew Ste (Francis) lived near by, so I knocked on his door, he answered and we started writing songs. We then had most of the musicians under the sun turn up and jam with us, but they never made a return journey. Anyway, we ended up finding Jonty ( drums) on the Internet and he knew a fella who played guitar, and so on. Martin jumped in on bass just before a gig about 6 months ago and he’s stuck it out.

Which member of the band would you trust with dynamite?

Give it Jonty.

What is so important about cross-country running?

I’ve mentioned this before [in a pub conversation], I think you can tell a lot about somebody’s personality by how much effort they put into a cross-country. Sets you up for life.

If The Maitlands were doing a cross-country run, who’d be first and who’d be last?

I’ve never thought about it before, but if our drummer [Jonty] bothered to put his shorts on, I’d be last to finish. Don’t know what that says about me. You decide…. and Huw would be first, his Welsh legs would see him through.

I hear you have an EP out! Why not tell us all why we should buy it!

It’s soon to be out. Within the month. You should buy it because you’re a fan of the Maitlands and if you are not a fan then it would make a nice present for someone who is.

How is discipline maintained within the ranks?

2 weeks bread and water.

What would The Maitlands do for fame?

Not much, sounds a bit daunting that fame business. Hide under a rock.

What wouldn’t The Maitlands do for fame?

I wouldn’t live in the same country.

If Mark E Smith decided to steal one of your band, how would you repel the incursion?

Out of us lot I think he’d want me, I’m sure the band I’m sure would sacrifice me without argument. I better dust off the old bass just in case, eh?

Finally, on a self-indulgent note, we went to school together… How did we survive Royton & Crompton School?

We did. At the back. Slow and steady.

Yeah, but I was the fat one.

You heard the man, The Maitlands EP is out soon.


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