Nice Legs: “They were freaks too…”

Nice Legs are a sunny, effervescent bedroom pop band operating from South Korea. Here at colourhorizon we’re heartily keen on their EP Lullaby Land (listen and buy here!) We were lucky to catch up with Lew (vocals) and Henry (guitars and biz). Without further ado, watch a video and read the interview!

Colourhorizon: How did you guys come to work together?
Lew: We were born in the same hospital about a month apart, and it just kind of started from there. When we were sweet little babies.

Henry: LIES. Okay, only one part of that is a lie. We were totally born in the same hospital a month apart. We started by improv busking actually. And our first actual gig was at a funeral.


A funeral?

H: Yeah, it was a friend of friend’s wake actually. We didn’t know the guy but apparently he was a fun wierdo and would have loved it. The crowd definitely did not know how to react. Luckily, they were freaks too. We all watched Rocky Horror afterwards. It was silly.

Why ‘Nice Legs’?
L: It was between that and “Food Groups” and “Food Groups” was taken.
H: I liked “Good Froups” but it didn’t make sense.

How long have you been in South Korea and how is life over there?
L: Life is great in South Korea. We have been here for several years and cordially invite you to come.
H: Safe. Great. Fun. Lots of good bands too.

nice legs2

Who are Nice Legs reaching out to?
L: Senators, lawyers, judges, and criminals.
H: And nerdy kids that like great lyrics. Lew is my favorite lyricist which sounds dorky but I’m serious, her lyrics rule so fucking hard. So yeah nerdy kids who like great lyrics.

Why don’t the songs on the EP have names?
L: Contrary to popular belief that we were trying to be cool, we just couldn’t come up with names and barely even had a band name at that point and just put those up there. You had some pretty good ideas for what we should call them, didn’t you?

Yep! ‘Break Your Own Damn Heart’, ‘What Can I Do?’ and ‘This Good’…

Lew E

Nice Legs have a garish fashion style that borders on the antagonistic, where does this come from?
H: This is the best question ever. I’m just going to bask in the glory of that shit.

Does the internet help or hinder a band?
L: It has definitely helped us. Anything outside of Korea that has happened for us has happened because of the internet. We have buddies all over the world helping us with write-ups, tapes, and tours, all because of the webs, and Henry’s oppressive and aggressive style of communication.
Although we do collectively waste a shit-load of time on the internet, so, shit, yeah I guess it is a mix of hinder-help.

H: Yeah definitely helped us. Until we started Nice Legs, I had no idea how great the internet actually was. If you want something why the fuck not ask for it? I always felt that shit would happen in time like tours or record deals or some other shit. That is absolutely incorrect. Everybody has an email and the worst they will say is nothing at all.

There are tons of cool as people across the globe just waiting for a pleasant email about something. I could rant but the internet is great. Fuck, you contacted us via email!

I certainly did! Where are Nice Legs going?

H: We have a few festivals coming up. Going to Japan soon too! That is pretty exciting. Lew is playing some European solo dates too. I’m totally jealous.
L: We’re just hustling everyday, man. We got so many hands in so many jars, just waiting for whatever pans out.
H: Can we go to your house?

Of course 🙂 I’ll get biscuits and everything…

Neat-o pix taken by Douglas Vautour!

P.S. This is very nice too…


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