Introducing… Astral Lynx

There once was a band called Moon. They specialised in lush pieces; sometimes mellow, sometimes dramatic, but always with a filmic gloss that made them perfect for a blue filtered Michael Mann techno-thriller.

Then Moon were no more. Fear not, it was just a name change to distance themselves from the 50 million other bands called Moon, or Moon-Something, or The-Something-Moon.

Now there is a band called Astral Lynx. Much better. A name to grapple with and stoke the imagination. Astral Lynx. It sounds drawn from a Saturday morning cartoon. A colossal star-beast which spits fires and devours worlds, sworn enemy of the Lizard King and his cohorts. A name befitting such a classy, evocative band.

And now for the debut single of Astral Lynx, ‘Renegades’, flagship of their debut album, Flow, due to arrive in June.

astral lynx

‘Renegades’ wrong-foots at first with a dirty rock riff before settling down into a slinky and vigorous boogie, as if lava is bursting through the ceiling and oozing downs the walls. The end result is a psych James Bond theme, you can practically see the dancing lassies in silhouette. Constantly shifting, with that greaseball riff never too far away and a quiet middle section, Astral Lynx are proving that for style and drama they are a band to keep an eye on.

Flow should be very interesting indeed…


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