Rhys Bloodjoy live at Gullivers 27.01.2016

Rhys Bloodjoy, poet and looperstar. The event, Astral Elevator’s 10th monthly psych night. Manchester’s best and friendliest psych night.

One man, one guitar and numerous pedals.

Bloodjoy 27.01.2016 no1A beat is battered on the guitar with the flat of his hand then looped. Concrete beats for a concrete world. This creates a raw, primal power. This is the essence of dance music. This is a captivating force, hypnotic and revelatory. You are swept away like a wooden shack in a tornado. This is trance music, you tune in, you zone out. When the song ends the concrete beat is still reverberating through your head. It doesn’t stop until the next song starts, then a new beat arrives and the cycle starts anew.

Guitar lines are looped. Blues for an overloaded world, punk for an age of desensitisation. Resolute yet paranoid. High tension set to music. The guitar screams and cajoles as he plays piston-like.

Bloodjoy 27.01.2016 no2

Bloodjoy hollers and yelps, as captivated as his audience. He dwells inside the music, prisoner and jailer.

Bloodjoy, the Desolation Cowboy himself, continues…




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