Hearts & Tigers – S/T (2015)

Now I happen to love it if a band has a theme song, singing about how bloody wonderful they are. Hearts & Tigers have such a song. It’s chirpier than an anime theme tune and jollier than a day out at a really good fun fair (not like the ones that actually exist). You’ll be clapping along before you know it.

Such glory is spread across the whole of Hearts & Tigers eponymous album. It’s a pop smash of an album writ large with stunning melodies, breathy performances and big smiles. Basking in emotion; gleeful and lush. Hearts & Tigers often sound like a power pop band playing post-punk tunes, especially on the sublime ‘Number 21’. Take away the dour chap with the baritone singing about loneliness and add Anna Wallis and her beguiling, pop-perfect singing voice.

The voices of Anna (plus Graye Guidotti on backing vocals) are dazzling. Voices of such guileless elan. Voice that soar. Voices that dance.


The plaintiff ‘All Sailors’ starts the album with a gorgeous sea shanty; sublime melodies and chiming tones.

From the supersonic ‘Sunny The Bully’ to the sweet motorik glide of ‘Funeral’ to the tasty-as-buttercream ‘Write A Will’ this is a relentless display of uplifting pop music.


hearts 2


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