Hey Bulldog – Under My Spell (single)

If The Black Keys and Black Rebel Motorcycle were ever to get in on (like we all know they want to) the unnatural child of such a painful back-alley screw may well be Hey Bulldog.

This is a band to make you dance, make you sing and have naughty thoughts. The saviours of Mancunian rock ‘n’ roll, they have the potential to make the earth move and crumble beneath your feet. They’re damnably stylish to boot.

Their latest single is ‘Under My Spell’, out on November 27th on Blak Hand Records (Bandcamp link).

hey bulldog

A furious spiking of adrenaline-rush guitars. It’s all very Jim Jones Revue scrapping with The Adverts. The guitars just keep going and building, getting higher and increasingly feverish. Bad sex, cheap thrills, happy days. A synapse-burning ride through rock ‘n’ roll’s past, present and future…

An arcing trail of bass and drums shoots skyward, followed by billowing effects laden guitars. Rob’s high pitched vocals are slathered on top like bolognese sauce. A sleazeball boogie in downtown Detroit turning sour.

When’s the album, boys?

Watch their entire set at The Eagle

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