Jennie Vee – Die Alone EP (2014)

New York based elfin guitarist Jennie Vee is a purveyor of intensely catchy songs occupying a zone between post punk, shoegaze and the good old fashioned pop tune. Die Alone, her debut EP, sees her unveil a set of song full of sharp guitars and huge melodies. Her closest comparison is probably to The Raveonettes’ Jesus & Mary Chain + girl group mash up.

Apparently you can make ice cream with bourbon, this seems like the best comparison to make: cool, irresistible, colourful and probably bad for you.

Die Alone

‘Die Alone’ is literally stunning, the robotic drum beat leading into shrapnel, scalpel-sharp guitars. The tone not only captures the spirit of post punk angularity with dark lyrical undertones but adds an irresistible sheen of pure pop energy. Jennie’s angelic vocals caress and weave around the prisms of kaleidoscopic noise emitting from her Telecaster. A ghostly, melodic chorus is the icing on the cake.

‘Wicked’ gets rolling with the style and clarity of an 80s action thriller, bringing to mind the opening sequence of To Live And Die In LA. This is a song built in widescreen as a sky high chorus is dropped in. This is quite simply a glorious pop song that apparently don’t get made anymore. Turns out they do… and this’ll put a great big grin on your face.

Watch the video for ‘Wicked’ here…

‘Say Goodbye’ has an F1 propulsion that roars into an epic chorus that could have come from any number of 90s guitar bands. Come to think of it, there’s something of The Buzzcocks about this track. Meanwhile, ‘Gone Away’ could be a latter day New Order track. And guess what, it has another breathless chorus…

‘Red Flags’ has a slower dream pop vibe, with acoustic guitars that grows in stature until it acquires a panoramic beauty, not entirely dissimilar from The Chameleons with a dash of Crowded House. And another spectacular chorus!

Without meaning to go overboard on The Raveonettes comparisons, hearing Die Alone gave me the same bolt of euphoria that I received from the heavens when I heard Whip It On for the first time. Jennie Vee has an unparalleled knack of combining razor sharp guitars with immaculate pop songs. Her control over the songs is amazing, I haven’t heard anyone deliver a chorus like this is a long time…

The overall effect is giddying, like a sugar rush and alcohol buzz all at once. Bourbon flavoured ice cream you say?



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