Moon – Moon (2014)

Moon’s self titled album is a puzzling little bugger: over its course it weaves a path occasionally blending what appears to be motorik and folk. Yeah, I know. Doesn’t sound right does it? That two genres which seem diametrically opposed to celebrating completely different environments can co-exist. It’s like seeing a Dalek with a henna tattoo.

This Canadian band is happiest mixing and matching styles with abandon. The rhythm section is all post punk and motorik mechanisms but this is married with an ear for a summery melody and a penchant for hippy vibes. Let’s look at some of the highlights:


‘Gomorrah’ starts with a staccato post punk rhythm (conceivably The Au Pairs at a real ale festival) that introduces a guitar from a jaunty sitcom theme (possibly involving a vicar and a soufflé). Then, bolted onto the end is a coda that sounds like ‘Heroes’ on ketamine. This is a band that doesn’t want the listener to feel too comfortable.

Click to listen to ‘Gomorrah’

‘Stained Glass’ could nearly be a more disciplined Happy Mondays spliced with Talking Head taking a day off from the local library. Vocals are blank and vacant, like brain washed drones, which adds to the clockwork nature of the music.

‘Pastoral Song’ and ‘Card Crane Ha’ dovetail beautifully, offering a Blue Orchids-esque flute driven pagan psych-folk. Together they spin a dreamy, somnambulist haze that brings to mind flints of Eno and more contemporary bands such as Quilt.

‘Dented In The Bag’ has an addictive shimmer and hustle that is mildly reminiscent of ‘The Headmaster Ritual’.

Meanwhile, ‘Meridian’ is tougher with harsh, garrulous grinding bass, bursts of flute, squalling electronica and downbeat vocals, somewhere between Beefheart and Cabaret Voltaire.

Moon’s strength is the willingness to try out new ideas and switch between these at will throughout the album. Moon is inventive, appealing and currently available for under £2 on Bandcamp. Bargain. Check it out.


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