The Janitors – Evil Doings Of An Evil Kind (EP – 2014)

Riding high from the success of the foundation rumbling Drone Head, The Janitors are keeping momentum up by releasing a new EP, Evil Doings Of An Evil Kind on 22nd September just before they play the Liverpool Psych Fest. It could be theirs for the taking…

The EP continues the heavy vibes of Drone Head with ‘Black Wheel’ stomping its drums like a herd of wooly mammoths traipsing across an icy wasteland. The bass powers up, throbbing like the engines of the Red October. Splinters of guitars frolic around the periphery.

‘Greed’ has guitars like kaleidoscopic light fractures with a relentless rhythm section replicating the motion of a tank division. Across it’s 8 minutes it attains a skin itching, nerve tingling trance state thanks to the band’s dedication to repetition.

The single that ushered the EP was reviewed here and still neatly applies:

‘There Will Be Blood’ crackles along on a surging menace, the vocals propelling the song with a lizard croon. Guitars swipe like rattlesnakes and the bass pours hot tar over the desert floor. Opening out into a panoramic vista to close the EP in style, the listener is left wanting more…

All told, a blood curdling death trip from one of the hottest up-and-coming psych bands around.


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