The Janitors – Here They Come (single – 2014)

‘Here They Come’ (available online from 18th August)  is the lead single from The Janitors upcoming 12″ EP Evil Doing Of An Evil Kind, (released 22nd September), a few days before they play at The Liverpool Psychedelic Festival. This follows up the power house album Drone Head, released last year.

‘Here They Come’ splits your speakers in two with a riff so malicious it could rip your spine out, a rhythm section kicking out a voodoo brew to make your senses spin and blood splattered shards of noise. A crunching, noxious display of power that never loosens it’s deathly skeletal grip from around your neck. Vocals are dark and commanding and demand attention in a genre where most vocals are buried deep in the mix. Intoxicating.

What makes The Janitors so good is that their songs are huge monolithic slabs of power, shewn from granite. Their songs are dark, intense and primal. On the basis of this single, Evil Doings Of An Evil Kind should be a killer record. This band could go all the way and cements their status as a must-see at The Psych Fest, next time round they could be headlining…


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