Cantaloupe – Teapot EP (2012)

Nottingham electronic (-ish) outfit Cantaloupe released the happy-go-lucky EP Teapot back in 2012. Successfully merging synth pop with a bucket of vitamin D they could well be the chirpiest thing at this years Liverpool Psych Fest. The overall sensation is like attending a cocktail party round at Donkey Kong’s house. And the big fella’s been at the sweeties…

The title track gets the ball rolling with Jungle Book drums and ascending sunburst synths. For 5 minutes it gives the listener the sensation of eating jelly on a bouncy castle. ‘Hubbub’ has guitars and piano coming to the fore to offer a slower, more careful tune, which sounds like driving music for the original Tron until the 3 minute mark when it acquires a hint of Barry Gray’s UFO theme tune. ‘Scuttle’ sounds like a playschool Sigur Ros playing lawn tennis with OMD, until the sun goes down and it’s time for bed. ‘Horse’ is like a christmas do with a chiptune soundtrack. Give it a spin, good isn’t it…

Highly inventive with the drums providing a delightfully funky backbone, a bag of catchy melodies and a Technicolor attitude to music. If you like acts such as Kraftwerk, Devo, Warm Digits, 80s synth acts check this out. A good way of putting a smile on your face for about 3 quid.


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