Mugstar – Mugstar (2006)

If any band could time travel it would be Liverpool’s space rock monoliths Mugstar. The rest of us will have to suffice with going back to where this epoch shattering band started. They released their debut album back in 2006, when most bands were still lacing up their converse. Leading lights of the psych scene, one of the tightest bands around, decent geezers and inspirers of whacky reviews (see below).

‘My Baby Skull Has Not Yet Flowered’ starts with what may conceivably be the noise of a mountain goat being violated by an aircraft carrier. Light jazzy drums accompany this act. Then the bass hits. Then the riffing starts like a bombing campaign. All told, it’s the musical equivalent of falling face down the Grand Canyon strapped to an air raid siren and an IKEA pan collection.

‘Crempog Smultron’ has guitar parts not unlike Wire. That’s if Wire went around blowing barns to smithereens. The bass is chronicles a warthog’s efforts to exercise itself from quicksand. Nudging the 4 minute mark is where things get medieval, it makes Space Ritual sound like Mazzy Star after a session on the Horlicks.

‘Good Posture vs Bad Posture’ has electric strikes of guitar and raw thunderclaps of atomic energy. Then things calm into a long, spacey synth trip. Slow, agonising bass build up brings things back to the boil with a horror movie display of tension before the guitar chases you through the woods.

‘Floatation Tank’ has bass played on the spine of a T Rex and a riff that could be the noise of a 6 foot metal wasp slam dancing in a cupboard.

‘Subtle Freak’. Imagine Time Team digging up a Viking Longship and riding it through Sutton Coldfield randomly bludgeoning people in a Grand Theft Auto we would all want to play.

‘Men With Supersight’ sounds like a South American war soundtracked by Sonic Youth’s ‘Silver Rocket’ as played by the demented. Once again Mugstar prove they have the best and the toughest rhythm section around.

‘Children Of The Gravy’ ends the album with Lou Reed’s alarm clock circa 1975.

The overall sensation of this album? You remember how things used to explode in Gerry Anderson shows? That’s what this is.


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