The Oscillation – Cable Street Sessions (2014)

Cable Street Sessions acts as a fine accompaniment to The Oscillation’s most recent album, From Tomorrow: less glassy and with the smooth edges replaced with a rougher, jagged sound. ‘Corridor’ has a grinding thump of machinery but still manages to sound sleepy. Motorik normally demands precision but here the groove is willfully slow. If this powered Trans Europe Express, you’d get there late. It’s the juxtaposition of textures that makes The Oscillation interesting; welding a motorik bedrock with a ghostly shoegaze haze has created a contradictory cut-and-shut of styles. Meanwhile ‘Descent’ has a paranoid, droning bass underpinning with layered guitars offering the occasional glimmer of sun through the black clouds.

There are stacks of excellent exploratory guitar work while the rhythm section does its work and the vocals are effects laden, which maybe could be taken down a notch. If you own From Tomorrow or have an interest in motorik then Cable Street Session is worth your time.


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