The Woken Trees – Nnon (2013)

Six rail thin Danes make an album that resembles either Metal Box gone feral or Joy Division operating a steelworks. Contained with their debut album Nnon are nine spook stories of brooding, malevolent evil. Imagery of death, decay, spiders, demons permeate, all sang through a gloomy post punk baritone.

More than anything though, Nnon is a resolutely hard album; industrial in the mechanical sense. Guitars ram home like the pistons of a steampunk leviathan. ‘Yells’ pummels the listener with riffs, feedback and granite bass. ‘Succubus’ chases you through an Eastern European forest for five gruelling minutes.

The album stings, creeps and haunts thanks to a production job so intimate you can believe the monsters dwelling within are actual behind you, the drums particularly sound as if they are playing in your brain. This is a lean, raw work that punishes for 31 minutes.


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