Cut and cauterise: Hey Bulldog present ‘California’

Manchester has long since prided itself in being the home of the dirty, epic bass line. This is a city that likes to groove. From the days of Hook and Adamson we have been weened on bass lines.

So it takes something special to knock us on our arses. And ‘California’ does just that. This comes at you with the dirtiest, greasiest, hedonistic, tumbling back-alley bass line for decades. It scurries like a huge rat up a back alley; demonic eyes, malevolent and vicious.

Pounding power trio rockers Hey Bulldog let this rat loose on a number they call ‘California’ and Matt Parry is the bass man who controls this hellish beast. This 3 minute show of carnage rides on the back of this monster; their usual psych-rock stomp eschewed in favour of a sleek display of cut and cauterise. Rob M’s slathering of guitar is less riff based and more A Place To Bury Strangers skreeeeeeeeeee. If the bass line is a rat then the guitar is a demented dentist.

‘California’ starts at full pitch and gets faster til it eats itself; the rat consuming it’s corporeal form. Hey Bulldog, like the rat, go for the jugular and attack, talons sharpened to knife edges.

This is full bloodied, unstoppable and cool-as. Another top drawer single from Hey Bulldog who will be unleashing the rat across the summer at festivals for your ecstatic desires.

Hey Bulldog, the saviours of Manchester rock ‘n’ roll get better and better:

‘California’ is available right here!

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