Bear witness to a shattered world: Dead Sea Apes’ Free Territory

“Cast out all ye demons” cursed the last of the Sky-Gods, issuing maledictions under the blood red sky.

The Under-Demons hold sway in this land, scouring the burnt out remains of buildings for the burnt out remains of humans.

When the barricades fell, the Under-Demons came, falling on their prey and devouring them; bones and all.

This is the Free Territory. Free because love, life and hope are gone. In destruction all becomes equal, eroded by the winds of desolation.

Dead Sea Apes, survivors of this chaos, send us this artefact to tell us of their barren, desiccated world.

This transmission you hear is not “music”, are not “songs”. The Free Territory is merely the sound of an existence of sorrow. This is a document to bear witness to a shattered world.

Dead Sea Apes do not intend to scare, depress or horrify you; merely alert you to a world of suffering, where Man’s shame has fallen inwards.

Maybe the Sky-Gods will triumph in the end, and light will return to the Free Territory. Or maybe darkness will consume what remains.

Only time will tell.


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