Lester Bangs would have Creem-ed his pants for the Janitors

Attention all you eagle-eyed seekers of purveyors of righteous rock n roll and drone psych! The Janitors; the real deal, the heavy weight champeens of Nordic noir noise have excavated 23 deep, deep cuts from 15 years of ruling the roost as one of the best bands around. These tracks chart their progress from Black Rebel cavemen rock to epic swells of worker drone monoliths. 15 Years of Fuzz and Folköl is this barricade busting collection of rare cuts that chart the progress of this band, from heavy to dark to fuzzed up beyond recognition.

‘Stumble’ reigns supreme as the ultimate capitulation of music to ur-rock primitivism, shedding all neologisms and giving into to subterranean desires and emotions. This is where drums are clatterings and vox are grunts. This is Stooges regressed to the paleolithic era. Never mind leather jackets as uniform, this is leather jackets as skin.


‘Firefly’ s dirty machine grinds it’s trouble making rhythm, chewing dirt and spitting oil. Swans slicked in oil copulate. A harrowed voice hollers it’s rock n roll clarion call over dustbin lid drums. A call for teenage supremacy as screaming wails of attention.

‘In Love With The Riot’ bare knuckle fight smashes up as the slowest of slow riffs emerges from some medieval backwater. MC5 on ket.

‘Epileptic City’ has a slow boil start running on bass then drops the dopest, stupidest meathead riff and spits snarling vox. A chorus to kick you in the balls. Death defied. 

‘City’; dragging it’s bass like a corpse down a back alley, shows us a druggier version of BJM’s ‘Straight & Down’ and throws in dubby effects for good measure, flipping the bird to Anton Newcombe from the back window of their car.

On ‘Black Electric’ The Janitors emerge from their grubby chrysalis, having passed over their rock n roll carapace. Now, spreading their resplendent wings, they show themselves as beasts of fervent, heavy psych. The drums are war-like, the guitars reign / rain walls of abuse and the vox deep down wails of anguish. This Lovecraftian beast unfurls it’s horrific mass over the psych kingdom, immolating the lesser beings.

To talk of instrumentation sucks big ones when it comes to the way Janitors rocked. This is adolescent dreams of sex and vice. Uncontrollable ur-ges + shouts… and love came in spurts before these Voidoids killed it with noise, before they killed themselves, they killed their rock n roll… before re-emerging as the king dons; the big swinging dicks of fuzz-psych.


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