Radar Men From The Moon – Subversive II: Splendour Of The Wicked

If you like your space rock to sound like a smelting press then Radar Men From The Moon are for you. This Dutch instrumental outfit make music so hard and unmovable it takes you all the way past dance music into sheer fucking endless repetition.

Subversive II starts innocuously enough, and innocently enough, with ambient swaths coursing through ‘You filled the house with merciless sand’ that test the listeners’ patience. Fortunately this turns out to be a palate cleanser for the sheer rhythmic blitzkrieg that Radar Men From The Moon are about to unleash… When the groove hits at 3 minutes 24 seconds you’d better batten down the hatches…

‘Splendour Of The Wicked’ is brutal in its monotonous hammering. After a while the instruments don’t even sound like instruments; the drums an underground clamour, the bass a tick-tock metronome of plant machinery. It’s wearying, but in a way which becomes fascinating. You start off dancing to it then after a while you can’t remember how or why you started, it feels like you’ve clocked on for a shift. This is surely the purest form of trance music, you have no idea how long ago this song started and no idea when it will end.

The tracks around it don’t offer much relief, ‘Masked Disobedience’ has synths running amok, while an ogre repeatedly bangs it’s fucking head against the pipeworks.

‘Rapture’ matches morse code rhythm to funky drums and mysterious keys. Yet again you’ll find yourself attempting to redefine dance music. Lou Reed threatened metal machine music. Radar Men From The Moon nailed it.

‘Translucent Concrete’ ends the album with a helicopter going to a rave. <No more description needed>

Radar Men From The Moon just reinvented dance music.



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